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Inspections, inspections and more inspections

Whether buying or selling a property, you are bound to run into the dreaded word... inspection (cue the dramatic music). Your heart beats a little faster, palms get clammy. Why is everyone so worried about an inspection? And how many could there possibly be during a single transaction? Let's start with the first (and usually the most important) one. This is called the private home inspection. Once an offer is accepted, typically, the buyer has about 7-10 days to do their due diligence in making sure that the home is in acceptable condition. This is inspection is voluntary, but completely necessary. Unless the buyer is a plumber, carpenter, HVAC tech, pest control savvy, foundation expert, mold inspector, (and more) all wrapped up into one, they need to hire a home inspector. Their job is to give every detail about the home so the buyer can make a reasonable decision on whether they want to continue with the purchase. THEY WORK FOR THE BUYER!  So what if things do not go so we

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